Hurontario LRT

Modern Mississauga public transportation infrastructure

February 18, 2020

February 18, 2020

Image Credit: Metrolinx

The Hurontario LRT system represents a large scale Light Rail Transit integration into the public transportation network of Mississauga. The Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) system will span from Port Credit GO Station in Port Credit, Mississauga up to Square One in the middle and finally will terminate at the Brampton Gateway Terminal to the North. Utilizing a Light Rail Transit system allows for faster and less costly construction than a full scale subway system and at this point in time, Mississauga needs additional infrastructure at a sooner date making the LRT option the best candidate. The Hurontario LRT will be separate from actual automobile traffic either via dedicated lane ways or divider sections between the different sections.


The Hurontario LRT Mississauga system is being funded by the Provincial and Federal governments and the estimated cost is approximately $4.6 Billion. Metrolinx, the decisive body has selected Mobilinx to manage and lead the construction of the Hurontario LRT. IBI Group, known for their Square One condos project such as the M3 Condos will be leading the design of the Hurontario LRT project. The design schematics will focus on architecturally distinct implementation with use of green space and defined zones to craft a contemporary passenger experience and integration into the existing landscape. There are a number of Square One condos which will exist adjacent to the LRT line, these include the Alba Condos, Mississauga Square Residences, ORO Penthouses, Perla and more. In the Cooksville condos area, the Two 55 condos are located just minutes away from the LRT line.

The Hurontario LRT will provide crucial GO Train connections to the Mississauga population by integrating LRT stops at the existing GO Train stations such as at Cooksville GO Station and Port Credit GO Station. The Port Credit station in particular will be seeing major expansion work completed to properly build an underground expansion that will expand the terminal and provide a comfortable system for connections between the various public transportation systems combining at the location. This opens up access to some of the new large scale residential developments in the city such as Brightwater, Lakeview Village, Square One District, Westport, 55 Port, Tanu, M City, M4 Condos, Exchange District 3, The Mason at Brightwater, and many more exciting real estate opportunities in Mississauga. The dedicated lanes will ensure streamlined operation by avoiding mixing of traffic forms. The Hurontario LRT system has a total of 19 stops to provide maximum convenience for various geographic areas. Technology to help with navigationa nd safety principles with the Hurontario LRT Mississauga project will be implemented by Hitachi with a total of 28 train cars expected be operational by 2024.

Header Image Credit: Metrolinx

February 18, 2020

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