Platinum Belt

What is the Platinum Belt?

September 23, 2020

September 23, 2020

This article is the culmination of some recent theorizing [Originally published April 3, 2014] that lead to the nomenclature and definition; Platinum Belt™. It stemmed from several different factors and needs which will be outlined. First, an explanation of what exactly the “Platinum Belt” is. Here in southern Ontario there is a unique ordering of locales, it is a collection of towns and cities which are quite blended. This is referring to MississaugaOakville and Burlington. Each of these three areas has its own unique character and defined values. From a technical and literal perspective, they are three different municipalities. However, there is one feature that is quite unique and is difficult to summarize with our current vocabulary, therefore the term Platinum Belt was devised. For those searching for a quick visual explanation and straight-to-the-point answer, a map has been provided which shows the Platinum Belt. We’ll go ahead and delve into the theory and reasoning behind this.

The Area

Here is what you’re looking at exactly. The purple polygon shape shown is the Platinum Belt. It is a combination of neighbourhoods along Lake Ontario that when assimilated, offer an expanse of luxury living. Roughly, without getting too technical on the intricate neighbourhood subdivisions, it is made up of the listed places. These all have their own inner detailed regions like “White Oaks of Jalna” within Lorne Park. Without complicating things, the whole purpose of the term Platinum Belt real estate is to define a collection of individual areas into one large locale. You may ask why? The reason is recognition and understanding, especially for foreign buyers. The beauty of the entire concept is the simplicity. If you observe the map, you’ll notice the entire section is defined by naturally appearing borders. Lake Ontario to the south, Rebecca/New Streets to the North (for most of the distance), Hurontario Street to the east and Brant St to the west.

Platinum Belt Neighbourhoods and Theory

Embarking on a lengthy drive years ago took me across all the neighbourhoods mentioned herein and there’s one communal feature; seamless transition. Realistically if you follow the Platinum Belt, you don’t notice the change in cities or neighbourhoods for the most part. Of course, there are identifying city signs and a slight industrial section at Lakeshore and Southdown but for the most part, it’s an endless gallery of multi-million dollar mansions and luxury homes. There is yet a place to be found that offers the sheer selection of land and homes at this distance.

Platinum Belt Boundaries

Visually seeing the boundaries of Platinum Belt real estate requires an explanation of why those landmarks were chosen. It’s simple. Consider Lakeshore Rd the main arterial passage with everything surrounding it included in the Platinum Belt. The only sections where this rule of thumb deviates is at Mississauga Road. The northern portion above the QEW was included due to the opulent nature and wealth of this region. Although it extends north, it is a crucial member of the Platinum Belt. The Doulton Estates located within are some of the most expensive homes in Canada. The eastern border is established at Hurontario Street. Although Mineola East is situated right after this boundary, it wasn’t included due to its developmental stage and also the ambiance differentiation. Mineola East is a fantastic luxury neighbourhood and prime location to build a custom home due to the availability of tear downs and land, but it doesn’t quite fit the character of the Platinum Belt. Along the north boundary stretching through Oakville to Burlington is Rebecca St which turns to New St in at the border. This was chosen as it is a simple, straight reference point and anything south of it is considered a prime real estate location. It must be noted that the closer you are to the lake, the more prestigious the homes tend to be.

Platinum Belt, what’s the point?

For locals who live within this region, it seems a bit unnecessary. We know the neighbourhoods and layouts quite well, especially if you’re in the real estate business, at least I would hope so. But we don’t realize the exclusivity of these addresses. Canada is the second largest country in the world and within it there are small, specific pockets of ultra luxury homes and communities. The Platinum Belt area however is the only one that extends for such a broad, uninterrupted distance. It really is completely unique. As a real estate professional, especially when getting inquiries from international clients there needs to be a way to define this stretch of habitable luxury land in a simple manner. People who don’t live here don’t understand the neighbourhood boundaries, nuances or specific names. It makes it much easier to present them with a visually defined area on a map to help them comprehend what you’re discussing. The next steps would be to explain the different parts of Platinum Belt real estate depending on client needs and specifications.

Platinum Belt

Why Platinum Belt?

Taking many influences from the Los Angeles real estate market. In Los Angeles there is a region known as the Platinum Triangle. This area, just like the Platinum Belt combines different neighbourhoods into one defined, connected area. The Platinum Triangle is composed of three areas; Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Beverly Hills, these three points being the reason behind the nomenclature. This term has become synonymous with luxury real estate in Los Angeles and is the “unofficial” title used by professionals to reference these areas when speaking to clients and the global audience.

Platinum Belt real estate status

The Platinum Belt also adds brand exclusivity. The Platinum Belt neighbourhoods are some of Canada’s finest places to live. Burlington and Oakville were the only cities within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to make the Top 10 List of best cities in Canada for 2014. Amazing architects and designers are also prominent in these areas such as Ferris Rafauli and David Small among others. It is a term which should become more prominent in our real estate vocabulary. Utilizing the Platinum Belt term when speaking with clients allows you to truly give this culmination of good luxury development planning a presentable title. Something that as Canada continues to grow in prestige on the world stage will become known.

Many individuals are already referring to Toronto as the next New York. Oakville is quite reminiscent of that “Beverly Hills lifestyle” and has the amazing estates included. The Platinum Belt is located in what is the most ideal place to live in Canada. It is between twenty to thirty minutes away from Toronto depending on which part of the belt you’re in. The nature, security, amenities and serenity is unmatched. Even Hollywood movies are being filmed in these regions now. Therefore it’s time we embrace our global appearance and define this luxurious region, welcome to the Platinum Belt.

September 23, 2020

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