Rooftop Pools In King West

The Toronto skyline makes the perfect backdrop

July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017

What does it feel like to swim in the sky? There’s only one way to find out. Dive into one of Toronto’s stunning rooftop pools. Water never felt so good. Toronto’s competitive condo market has developers dreaming up innovative ways to make their condo buildings rise above the rest, and the focus on outdoor space means you can find some incredible rooftop amenities. Extravagant lounges, lush gardens, dramatic rooftop swing sets and great restaurants have all moved to the top. But it’s the shimmering pools that coax you to come rooftop for a swim high above the bustle of Toronto’s daytime rush and its late evening nightlife. Here are three King West condos with our favorite rooftop pools. We think you’ll find them enticing.

Lavelle at 629 King St W in the Thompson 2 Residences features an enormous 16,000 square foot rooftop patio. A cool, sparkling 155 feet of cloudless water makes this rooftop pool the centerpiece of Lavelle’s social construction. According to Freed Development, its pool is one of the longest rooftop pools in North America. After a swim, you can indulge in delicious French food from executive chef Romain Avril, formerly of La Societe. Freed says their intention was “to bring something new and exciting, not only to the city of Toronto, but specifically to the King West community, which prides itself on its vibrant culture and entertainment scene.” They have succeeded.


Bisha Residences located at 88 Blue Jays Way, is an impressive 44 storeys of dramatic glass and steel. This boutique hotel/condo community showcases the best in architecture, design, culture and cuisine. Its stunning 7,000-square-foot rooftop patio hosts an excellent bar and full-service restaurant. These provide a backdrop for the unbelievably calming infinity pool that graces the 44th storey. The pool reflects Bisha’s status as a flagship property in the King West neighbourhood of downtown Toronto.


King Charlotte Condos at 11 Charlotte Street has 230 suites and is 32 storeys tall. A project of Lamb Developments, it was designed by the architects behind nearby Theatre Park. Its great amenities, ground level retail space and proximity to all the services and entertainment the city has to offer means the project is much admired and sought after. (The neighbourhood is, after all, host to the Toronto International Film Festival.) Notable mentions also include the popular Fashion House Condos, the original Thompson Residences and some of the luxury suites at 500 Wellington West. The rooftop patio carries the designer’s commitment to a beautiful outdoor space with all the amenities. The rooftop pool is gorgeous, making this rooftop a sweet oasis in the city with views from the pool to rival all others in the area. If you’re looking for beauty, luxury and cool times in the summer, King West is where you’ll find it. Come on in—the water’s fine.

July 11, 2017

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